Samsung bets on Windows

Say what you will about Samsung, but it’s always been a multi-platform player. True, the company’s bet on Android has paid off big time, but Samsung also maintains another smartphone operating system, its own Bada software, and pledges to build a plethora of desktop and mobile products driven by Microsoft’s new Windows 8 desktop operating system and its Windows Phone 8 counterpart.

The South Korean conglomerate currently makes Windows-based Smart PC and Smart PC Pro, in addition to a Windows Phone 8 tablet and smartphone. All are marketed under the new ATIV moniker (whoever thought of that one?). I kinda like how the commercial above highlights different usage scenarios for these devices. By the way, what’s up with the evident James Bond theme to advertising recently?

According to Samsung, it sees itself asĀ “one of very few companies that is capable of offering such a diverse product lineup and is committed to offering more choices based on the Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms for consumers”.

The company states that ATIV devices are “simple, powerful and beautiful”. On the software side, Windows 8 and its mobile kin are pretty interesting, probably by far and large the most important releases in Microsoft’s history. Slashgear has some massive launch numbers, if you’re interested.

Windows Phone 8, of course, has its share of teething problems and Microsoft would surely benefit from hiring someone of Scott Forstall’s calibre. Apple figured as much, that’s why they kept Forstall in an advisory role to Tim Cook until some time next year.

As for Samsung and the whole ATIV thing, one really cannot blame the company for trying to cover all the bases with support for multiple computing platforms, don’t you think?