BooKase stitches Italian quality into its iPad sleeves

I always keep an eye open for professional grade products, when scouring the internet for review materials and products. The BooKase website is a simplistic and unsuspecting front page advertisement for what amounted to an excellent iPad sleeve. Offering several options for both iPad and iPhone, I chose to review the Colorado collection designed for iPad and quickly fell for the simplicity and quality.

BooKase products are designed in California and produced in Italy. Placing importance on design-build, the materials are eco-friendly and washable to ensure a minimal footprint while offering easy-to-use protection…


Pulling the sleeve from the shipping box, the first thing that struck me was the felt, which is 1/4″ thick. Not only does the thick felt keeps the iPad safe from bumps and knocks, it looks great! Because felt, in a dry environment can cause static to accumulate across the metal iPad casing, BooKase uses an exclusive high-tech material band across the inside lip, which is a registered trademark film termed “RFIDstatic.” The RFIDstatic is “designed to reduce static electricity and dry friction between your device and the case.”

Fit is most important for any iPad case or sleeve. This sleeve, unlike other similar products, leaves room for the thickness of the iPad, as it does not bulge or misshape when the iPad is placed inside this single stitched piece of felt. I also greatly appreciate the sleeve completely, but only exactly holding the iPad. There is no excess lip on the open edge. If you are looking for a sleeve that envelopes the iPad, this is not your case, but if you do not mind one open side, this is a great option. For ease of use, there is a tab on the closed side of the sleeve to hold while pulling the iPad from the snug fit.

An “X” pattern stitch runs across the front and back for simple design flair, which compliments the coral color (other colors available) and the overall quality look and feel of the product. The last finesse is a small logo tab that brands the front of the unit with the BooKase logo. Personally, I prefer unbranded accessories for my Apple products, but this particular branding option is not overly obnoxious and the small button brings it all together.


Overall, the “Lakewood, Colorado_Coral” iPad sleeve by BooKase is a big “YES!” I am a little shocked at the sticker price of $50, but that does include free international shipping, which usually runs over $10. There is a small mountain of iPad cases in my office tech closet, however, I am certain the BooKase will become the primary protective product for the iPad. I prefer to use iPad without any installed cases or hardware, but I always worry about protection when taking it places or even leaving it out on the coffee table. The BooKase allows me to use the iPad without actual protective cases, but keeps it safe when stored. Just what the doctor ordered, and a special thanks to BooKase for sending this one over for review.


  • 1/4″ thick felt protects and feels great
  • Tab opening makes retrieving the iPad easy
  • iPad fits exactly inside
  • One piece of felt, not two sewn together


  • Price
  • Branded tab on front