Rokform v3 Bike Mount rules the trails [review and giveaway]

As a CES design award nominee, Rokform never ceases to impress with their array of iPhone and iPad accessories. If you happened to miss our Rokbed v3 Custom Case review and giveaway, you didn’t know Rokform has an extensive list of useful items designed to enhance the overall functionality of the v3 cases.

The Rokbed v3 Bike Mount Kit works seamlessly with the included Rokbed v3 case and keeps your iPhone front and center while hitting the trails. Thanks to our friends at Rokform, we’ve been able to test our own and give you a chance to win a case and mount too…


All Rokform accessories exude experienced obsession with detail, and the bike mount is no exception. To begin, the mount is created from one piece of machined billet 6061 T-6 aluminum. The machining process carves the mounts from a single block, or cylinder of T-6 aluminum, as opposed to a casting or molding. Consequently, the single units are stronger because they are not pieced and welded together.

The mount uses two connection types to ensure the v3 case remains firmly stable during use. The Remote Mounting System (RMS) is a locking mechanism that clicks into place on the back of the included iPhone case. Additionally, both the case and the mount use strong rare Earth magnets as additional support.

A cylindrical connection piece allows the rider to select a preferable viewing angle, but only before the assembly is tightened down. Once the assembly is torqued into place, the mount does not move, even when tackling rugged terrain.



A handy addition to any bike, the v3 mount is an easy fix for “smartphone-ing” on the go and screws into the steering tube between the handle bars. The location and adjustable angle are excellent for any biker, casual or serious. But, if you happen to be a serious biker, you may appreciate the Rokform mount a little more because I’m sure there isn’t much room to hide an iPhone in all that spandex.

I’m most appreciative of the mounts hands-free nature. When I’m exercising, I hate fumbling around for my iPhone to see who is calling. The mount easily eliminates that frustration. Most importantly, if you use a GPS app to guide your rides, the iPhone is perfectly situated to provide easy access.


Ultimately, the Rokbed v3 Bike Mount is an excellent addition to any rider’s bike and solid construction, billet 6061 T-6 aluminum, and performance justify the $99.99 price tag. Utilizing the double locking RMS and magnet system, there is no doubt the iPhone is secure while locked into place. Most importantly, can you trust Rokform with your iPhone while careening down rock riddled mountainsides? In my personal opinion, yes, and I do.


  •  Installed in less than 3 minutes
  • Adjustable viewing angle
  • Solid construction
  • Double locking mechanism
  • Mount does not jostle even on rough terrain and heavy use


  • While the price is justifiable, it would attract customers more quickly at $79.99
  • To adjust the viewing angle an Allen wrench is required


What do you have to do to win?

In order to win the Rokbed v3 Custom:

A winner will be picked and contacted by the end of the week via Twitter DM.

Good luck to everyone, and thank you to our friends at Rokform for making this amazing giveaway possible!

Winner announced!

And the winner is… @MisterElf.

Thanks to everyone who entered the contest. If you didn’t win, don’t lose hope yet as we have many more giveaways lined up, so stay tuned.