iOS hacker P0sixninja leaves the Chronic Dev Team

Famous jailbreak master Joshua Hill, known in the community as P0sixninja just announced on his Twitter account that he is leaving the Chronic Dev Team, a reputable group of iOS hackers he helped create a few years ago, and of which he was considered the front-man, up until now.

At this point of time, it is unclear what the motivations behind the departure are. A follow up tweet sent by P0sixninja makes it sound like it might be a money matter, but my sources tell me it is far more complicated than that.

About an hour ago, Hill sent these two tweets to his followers:

P0sixninja has been a pivot in the development of key jailbreak tools such as GreenPois0n and more recently Absinthe. He is considered by many as one of the “chillest dudes” in the jailbreak community, with an impressive track record of accomplishment.

We’re not sure what P0sixninja is going to be up to, but something tells me this is not the last time we hear from him. I will be meeting him next month at JailbreakCon, and hopefully he’ll have some reassuring words from us regarding his future involvement in the community.

We wish him good luck, no matter what he decides to do next.