AViiQ Ready Clips brings tangle proof USB cables for your iPhone

Simply, I hate tangled cables. The most worthless item in your bag is a knotted-up bunch of charging cables and, if you’ve really got a bird’s nest, it can take forever to untangle. Thankfully, everyone at AViiQ shares the common tangled-disaster-pain that ravages the world of technology and decided to do something about it. Ready Clips are here as the antidote and they fit quite nicely in a travel bag…

Design is Function

Ready Clips are designed to be carried like a pen. Standing at 5.5″ with a maximum thickness of around 6mm, the short length and small size allow them to be easily carried alongside your favorite writing utensil.

Ensuring the cable can be found in a moments notice, the integrated clip keeps them in place, thus preventing the typical fumbling around at the bottom of an accessory bag, purse, or briefcase.

In addition to easy portability and a short length, the flat banded cable is bendable yet rigid to prevent tangling. When viewing the product pictures, I imagined the cables to be much more flexible; however, the Ready Clips are surprisingly turgid, which also lends to their tangle-proof design.

It is important to note, these cables are primarily suitable for desktop use, as pictured here. Because the cables are very short and stiff, they are not ideal for use on a wall outlet or on the side of a CPU tower. The clips are perfect for use with a laptop, where the USB connection is essentially on a flat surface.


Starting at $14.99, AViiQ’s Ready Clips are available for Mini USB, Micro USB, and Apple’s 30 pin connector. Thanks to our friends at AViiQ for sending over a set for us to put to the test; I decided they are a great addition for a grab-and-go travel case or for use with a laptop or USB hub. Keep in mind, these are not well suited for general use because of their size and limited flexibility. The Ready Clips fit a niche market, but do so in a convincing way — if you are looking for a quick, portable fix to tangled cord woes, AViiQ has your answer.


  • Only 5.5 inches long
  •  Sturdy design prevents tangling
  • Two Apple connectors for $29.99


  • Sturdy design limits usability
  • Wish the cable was made of one continuous piece instead of two tips and a connector

Do you have problems with dangled dock cords?  Would you ever buy a product for such a specific use?