File sharing just turned professional with Agora Briefcase

Sharing files is nothing new. In fact, it has been around since the birth of the internet and has even managed to change the course of an entire industry in the case of the music business. Sharing files across multiple devices and people is an important part of our lives, and the iPad is now part of that.

While Dropbox is undoubtedly extremely useful for most of us, Mighty Mack decided that keeping sharing important files and documents amongst professionals needed to offer something a little different, and that’s when Agora Briefcase was born.

Made specifically with professional use cases in mind, Agora Briefcase helps people who just don’t quite fit into the Dropbox way of doing things…

Quick to point out that Agora Briefcase is specifically made for professional types rather than anyone who just wants to share a couple of photos, Mighty Mack believes that the app can be of use to all kinds of people across a variation of fields.

The main features certainly lend themselves to business wishing to share documents without them ever being in the client’s hands – Agora Briefcase allows users to share documents with co-workers or clients, allowing them to view said documents, but the files are never actually made available. No copying and, let’s be frank here, no stealing. This also has the added benefit of the document being easily updated and pushed out, too.

All the usual media files can be shared, and a user can choose to push files to particular recipients, meaning that the next time they log in the files are automatically pulled down for viewing. There is no file system like Dropbox to contend with, and the whole thing is managed via the rather nice looking iPad app. That app, by the way, is free.

In short, agora Briefcase is the kind of app that will be a lifesaver to the right people, but if you’re not sure that’s you, then it probably isn’t. That’s OK, there are plenty of consumer alternatives out there, but if you want some unique features that you may not find elsewhere, then Agora Briefcase is well worth a look.