Foursquare gives its iOS app a major facelift

Foursquare users will notice that the social network has recently pushed out a significant update to its iOS app. Foursquare 5.0, as it’s called, features a complete redesign, with a much cleaner-looking UI, and several navigation-related changes.

In an intelligent move, the location-based service has brought all of its most-used features to the forefront of its mobile app. I especially like how the Explore tab has been redesigned to make it easier to find nearby deals and areas of interests…

The same goes for both the User tab, which now makes it easier for you to view all of your Foursquare activity, and the Friends tab, which makes connecting with other users a cinch. All three areas are much more pleasant to sift through.

And all of these changes are underlined by the fact that the app not only looks better, but it runs much faster (and smoother, if you will). Even the casual Foursquare user will want to make sure they check out this update — it’s that good.

Previous owners can update their Foursquare app by visiting the Updates tab in the App Store. Otherwise, you can download it here, for free.

What do you think of the new Foursquare update?