A bulletproof iPhone case, because you can never be too careful

We all like to protect our iPhones and iPads as much as possible, which explains why the case making business is such a lucrative one. If you look anywhere online, then you’ll be able to find an iPhone or iPad case to suit your mood and price range. Choice is clearly king.

Even with all that choice though, we are willing to say that it is a safe bet that you haven’t come across one of these cases before. For starters, it isn’t the best looking case around there, and it certainly isn’t the thinnest at one-inch thick. It ain’t the cheapest either, at $648 per unit.

It does have one thing going for it,though. Namely, this particular case is bulletproof…

Now this case may not be for everyone – the price alone will no doubt put most sane people off – but just to help seal the deal, the case makers are also throwing in a commemorative 12.7 millimeter dummy bullet just like the one they claim your new case is capable of withstanding.

If all this sounds like the kind of iPhone case you simply must have, then it can be ordered here. For everyone else, can we suggest a much more reasonable alternative?