ABC releases teaser for their upcoming ‘A Trip to The iFactory’ documentary

U.S. television network ABC was granted the rights to produce a documentary profiling Apple’s main manufacturer, Foxconn. This is the first inside look of the manufacturing plant, where many say workers are under harsh condition to produce our favorite Apple devices.

ABC’s documentary premiers tomorrow on its Nightline program at 11:35 PM EST. Before it premiers, ABC has released a teaser and gallery of photos, giving us a brief look inside of Foxconn…

In the documentary, you’ll find ABC correspondent Bill Weir not only talking to Foxconn employees, but he also has an interview with high profile executives. He profiles the fast pace work Foxconn employees are under, and the kind of mental stress they have to endure.

Foxconn has been in the public light for awhile now, specifically in 2010 when a string of suicides broke out across the plant. Apple’s then- COO Tim Cook worked fast to install safety nets around the dormitories to stop jumpers and bring in a team of psychiatric experts.

Apple has always been quick to ensure that Foxconn has among the best working conditions in the industry.

This documentary has sparked a small controversy, however. ABC’s parent company is Disney. Disney’s CEO Bob Iger was recently introduced on Apple’s board of directors a few months ago, and Apple’s late co-founder Steve Jobs sat on Disney’s board of directors and was a large shareholder. Some say this is a conflict of interest.

ABC’s documentary ‘A Trip to The iFactory’ airs on 11:35 PM EST tomorrow night, with a short preview on tomorrow morning’s Good Morning America.

Will you be watching tomorrow night?

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