Apple sells more tablets in Korea than Samsung

Samsung and Apple have had sort of a war over the past couple of years. The war hasn’t been only about patents, but the two companies have also competed very closely in smartphone and tablet sales.

Korea Herald now reports that the iPad is outselling Samsung tablets on the Korean company’s home turf…

Apple is estimated to have sold more than 1 million iPad tablet computers in the Korean market, outpacing its local rival Samsung Electronics’ Galaxy Tab by a wide margin. 

Apple’s iPad debuted here on Nov. 30, 2010 and its sequel iPad 2 was introduced on April 29 last year. About 700,000 units were sold last year alone, dominating the nascent tablet computer market here.

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 10.1 is what you’d think is the most sold tablet in Korea since that’s where Samsung is based, but Korea Times says otherwise. The report says there are over 700,000 iPad’s in Korea, 2/3’s of which are the Wi-Fi version.

Samsung and Apple have been battling all across the globe over patents, which have lead to numerous lawsuits. Just yesterday, Apple sued Samsung over an autocorrect patent.

Korea has become a huge market for smartphones and tablets, which Apple seems to be leading.

Is Samsung’s marketing keeping them from selling more tablets?

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