Lucky Dude Buys a Brand New iPad 2 for $65 from a Goodwill Store

If this isn’t pure luck, then I don’t know what it is.

Reddit user djrjr is a frequent shopper at his local Goodwill store. A few days ago, as he was browsing the store, he came across a brand new 32GB iPad 2 wifi in the box, selling for $65.

Confused about such a low price, he asked the manager to make sure everything was correct. The manager confirmed that this brand new iPad was indeed selling for the bargain price of $65…

I am a constant shopper at Goodwill, they get a fair amount of money from me for everyday things. The thing is if I hadn’t bought it would’ve sold almost instantly for the same price. I don’t feel dirty or shameful buying it from them, I checked with the manager twice to make sure this was correct and he insisted that it was right. I even told him how much it is worth and he still said that was the right price. I donate old/unwanted items to Goodwill a lot too so I’ll sleep fine tonight.

It is unclear how this iPad got on the Goodwill shelves for such a low price. One thing is sure, this dude got an awesome deal that he sure won’t find anywhere else.