These Awesome X-Ray Wallpapers Let You See Inside Your iOS Device

If you’re the type of person who is always on the lookout for interesting and unique wallpapers, we’ve found some doozies for you. These x-ray wallpapers for the iPad and iPhone provide a glimpse into your iOS device’s internals.

The images come from iFixit, the well-known masters of taking apart and rebuilding iOS hardware. The group grabbed the high resolution photos during one of their device tear-downs last year, and they just happen to make cool backgrounds.

Each image comes in the device’s respective resolution, and can be downloaded by clicking its accompanying link from your handset or tablet.

iPhone 3GS – Download

iPhone 4 – Download

iPad – Download

For interested Mac users, iFixit also has high resolution images of the inside of a 21″ iMac, a 27″ iMac, and a Thunderbolt Display. While these pictures may be a little much for some of you to use as a wallpaper, they still showcase the intricate engineering that takes place behind the glass.

What do you think of these x-ray wallpapers? Pretty cool, huh?

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