Easily Share Your Wi-Fi Credentials in iOS with QuickWiFi Web App

We’ve all been in the position where you need to let someone onto your own Wi-Fi network, but you need to give them your password so they can enter it into their smartphone, tablet, or computer. It’s a pain, and if you’re password is a complex one, the whole process is just something you would rather avoid.

A new web app called QuickWiFi allows you to set up a profile and a customizable URL that will allow other users to install a profile on their iOS device that will grant them access to your Wi-Fi network. You don’t need to manually enter anything, and it means that the user will never actually see your password.

It’s quick and easy, not to mention secure — assuming you’re happy to hand your login details over to the web app.

To get the ball rolling, you’ll want to head on over to the QuickWiFi web site and fill in your network details. Once the profile has been created, it can be edited to set up a more personal URL and you can even use CSS to change the way the landing page looks. This would be perfect if you were holding a party, or perhaps a conference.

When a user reaches the landing page they can then install the Wi-Fi profile and they’re set. Instant access to a password-protected Wi-Fi network with the minimum of fuss.

The developer and designer behind this web app, Jeff Broderick, is also responsible for the beautiful iOS Settings shortcuts we detailed weeks ago.