Google Voice Updated With Sprint Support and More

It seems like everyone is in a hurry to update their applications before the end of the year. We’ve seen major updates roll out today for Pulse news reader and the Kindle Fire app, and now Google has pushed one out for its Voice software.

Google Voice users will be happy to hear that the iOS app has finally been brought up to speed with its Android counterpart. The update brings handy additions, like multi-recipient text messaging and support for Sprint iPhone users.

This means that Sprint customers can now send phone calls to the native dialer, which is much more convenient than working with the GV app. Other additions include multi-recipient text messaging, contact auto-complete, and phone number copy and paste in the dialer.

While most folks will be inclined to update, we must warn you that several users have been reporting problems with the new software. So if you rely on Google Voice on a daily basis, you might want to hold off until the issues are resolved.

Regardless, you can grab the new Google Voice app in the App Store for free.