iFaith SHSH Tool Receives Major Update

Infamous iOS hacker and Sn0wBreeze creator iH8sn0w just released a major update for his iFaith application. Like TinyUmbrella, iFaith allows you to save your device’s SHSH blobs, which are needed to preserve your ability to downgrade firmware in the future.

The update supports iOS versions up to 5.0.1, but isn’t yet compatible with A5 iDevices. There also doesn’t seem to be a Mac version available. But if you own an A4 device and have access to a Windows computer, we highly recommend you download the new iFaith…

Most of you are probably aware by now that downgrading firmware in iOS 5 is nearly impossible. Apple has started signing SHSH blobs differently in iOS 5 than it did in previous versions, disabling users from replaying them during a firmware restore.

But iFaith doesn’t just save your SHSH blobs, it also saves the accompanying AP ticket, making downgrading theoretically possible (to a custom IPSW). Watch:


iFaith’s update also brings about some major bug fixes, and iH8sn0w says that blob-dumping is now much faster. If you happen to fit the criteria for the software, we strongly suggest downloading it. You can grab the new iFaith from our Downloads page.