AT&T Believes the iPhone 4S is 4G Compatible

Oopsy! Someone at A&T didn’t get the memo. Yes, the iPhone 4S is all new and fast, but it is not 4G compatible, unlike what AT&T currently advertises on its website.

If you go to this page on AT&T’s site, you will get a list of 4G devices. The first one at the top of the list is the iPhone 4S, which we know only supports 3G at this point…

It must be a honest mistake, so we won’t get too mad at AT&T. Still, we’d appreciate if they could fix this asap so it doesn’t confuse more people.

Update: I just talked to AT&T and they do indeed consider the iPhone 4S as a “4G” device because of HSPA+. The AT&T rep I talked to agreed that it wasn’t a very fair denomination and said it was more 3.5G than actual 4G.

[iOS Nova]