Apple Wants Me to Use Yahoo on iOS 5?

Something really unexpected happened yesterday. I was doing a Google search on my new iPhone 4S when a popup appeared asking me if I’d like to change my search engine to Yahoo!

Needless to say, I was really confused. Is Google telling me that it’s too good for me and I should switch to Yahoo? Or is Apple trying to tell me something?

I guess Apple is doing this in order to let new iPhone users know they have an option when it comes to search engines. This is a way for Apple to be fair to other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing, since Google is the default search engine on new iOS devices.

As far as I know, this is new in iOS 5. I might be wrong but I know I had never heard of that before. Have you ever seen this screen before? What’s your take on it?

UPDATE: And to the angry commenters, no, I did not have Yahoo in any other tabs, neither did I ever visit Yahoo from this iPhone before.