Apple Launches “TV Time” Section in the App Store

Apple has launched a dedicated App Store page for “TV Time” apps for the iPhone and iPad. The listed apps let you watch, share, and do a host of other TV-related things on your iDevice.

Some of the App Store’s greatest classics are listed in this new Spotlight page, and there are┬ádefinitely┬áplenty of apps there to help you take advantage of this Fall’s TV season…

“It’s prime time for the fall television season. Watch your favorites, discuss key moments with friends, read episode and programming guides, and discover new addictions with this showstopping collection of apps.”

There are tons of universal apps listed, as well as some apps made specifically for the iPhone or iPad.

Some of our favorites:

Head over to the App Store’s “TV Time” page to check out more great apps. There’s an iPhone specific and iPad specific version of the page as well.

What are some of your favorite TV-related apps in the App Store?