Can You Ear Me Now?

Those of you who didn’t really like the Hand Case might not be too fond of the Ear Case either. Engin-ear-ed by the peeps at Thumbs Up World, the Ear Case won’t help you hear better, but it should get you some much deserved attention.

Made of silicone rubber, it will definitely protect your iPhone and will take care of any antenna issue you might have…

“Simply slip your iPhone 4 into this quirky ear-shaped case and you’ll look like you’re doing your best Prince Charles impression every time you make a call!

If you’re up for a laugh, this hilarious Ear Case is definitely the phone holder for you! With an accurate cut-out to securely hold your handset on one side of the extra large ear, you’ll look like your own ear has multiplied in size whenever you pick up the phone! Plus, because it’s made from durable silicone rubber, it’ll protect your handset from bumps and scratches too.”

The Ear Case is not available yet, so make sure to check out Thumbs Up World to find out if it will ever be released.

Lobe it or hate it, you can only admit this is one original case.