This iPhone Fan Accessory Blows, Literally

We’ve seen some pretty neat accessories over the last few years, but this one may just be the “coolest.” It’s no secret that this has been one heck of a hot summer, and what better way to beat the heat than with your very own iPhone dock fan.

TUAW uncovered this peculiar attachement from Cellularfactory, which turns your iPhone into a handheld cooling device. Described by its creators as The Newest Cool Dock Fan, you might be more impressed with its price than you are with its function…

There’s not much to the accessory itself. It’s just a tiny plastic blade with an off and on switch that receives its power through your iPhone’s dock connector. As TUAW points out, it doesn’t look big enough to generate much airflow.

The price should tell you what kind of quality you’re in for. Typically the Dock Fan runs $9.99, but there’s a sale running for the next 6 days that’ll knock another $3.00 off. I don’t know about you, but even at $7 bucks I won’t be picking one of these up.

I would put this accessory in the category of “that’s kind of neat, but I’d never use it.” I could certainly see selling these things at a like an outdoor concert or sporting event, but as I sit here writing this in an air-conditioned building, I don’t get the urge to order one.

What do you think of the Dock Fan?