Battle of The Mobile Operating Systems: Are You a Typical iOS or Android User? [Infographic]

Android v.s. iOS arguments never cease in the tech world. The battle between the two leading mobile platforms rages on as Apple makes more money and Android gets pre-installed on more handsets.

What about the people that use Android and iOS? What are they like? An interesting infographic gives you the opportunity to see if you’re the typical iOS/Android user…

As highlighted by The Next Web, recommendation service Hunch has put together a juicy collection of survey questions from 15,818 smartphone users. As with all case studies, the results can’t be taken as pure fact, but the gathered info is still notable.

When polled by Hunch, the majority of people used iOS at 32%, with Android following at 21%. Some of the most interesting findings include:

  • More men use Android than women. There are more female iOS users than female Android users.
  • iOS users are more likely to be optimists, while Android users tend to be pessimists.
  • Android users are more likely to prefer an ugly device that’s more functional, while iOS users tend to prefer a prettier device that does less.

Here’s the full infographic:

Where do you fall in this analysis of the typical iOS and Android user? Let us know what you think of these results in the comments!