Snoop Dogg and Adidas Team Up to Make this Case for the iPhone 4

Yesterday, it was unofficially announced that rap artist and mega star “Snoop Dogg” had teamed up with Adidas Originals to produce a super-limited iPhone 4 case.

Adidas Global Director of Entertainment & Influencer Marketing dropped the news on Twitter, and Snoop/Adidas fans are sure to rejoice.

“Snoop – puttin this ltd edition #adidas x @SnoopDogg in the mail to you tomorrow”

The tweet also included a picture of the iPhone 4 case featured above.

This case seems to be made of pure wood, with the Adidas Originals logo engraved on the back, and the Snoop Dogg logo just beneath it. At first look, the case looks beautifully crafted , also not forgetting to mention it comes with a wooden case of its own. (That’s right, a case for a case.)

When asked for a copy to review, the Adidas employee replied:

“sorry man super limited…”

What do you think of the case? Does Snoop Dogg love his iPhone so much that he needs his own, hand crafted, personal case? And will we see this case available for sale, or will Snoop keep the luxury all to himself?

Share the iPhone love, Snoop.