Download This iCloud Wallpaper Set for iOS

Apple’s replacement for MobileMe, iCloud, is set for a public launch this Fall. iCloud keeps all of your data wirelessly synced across all of your devices, and most of the service’s features will be available for free to all Apple customers.

If you’re eager to get your hands on iCloud, you’ll have to wait until Apple opens it up to the public next month. In the meantime, you can show your excitement for iCloud by downloading this awesome wallpaper pack for iOS and the Mac…

By Chris Herbert of MacStories, the happiCloud Wallpaper Set features 10 variations of the iCloud graphics that Apple displays in error messages to developers on

“Alright gents and dames – I have completed this new set of wallpapers for iOS and the Mac. When I started I grabbed the images off the site and thought it would be really simple. Haha, I thought so until I realized the iCloud guys were only 200 pixels wide, i.e. not retina-ready. So I had to recreate every one of them, it turned out to actually be fun and easy but getting it right the first time was key. A funny side story –  I was looking for a cookie so I used Google Image search and the fourth image was the exact image Apple is using for their site – seriously. I guess they don’t photograph food In Cupertino, They only serve it in Caffe Macs.”

You can download all three of the wallpaper packs for free. There’s the happiCloud iPad pack, happiCloud iPhone pack, and iCloud “Home Screen” Wallpaper pack.