Apple Rolls Out 90 Second iTunes Song Previews Worldwide

It’s taken nine months, but the world finally has the same 90 second iTunes song previews that the United States gained way back in November 2010.

The change-over to the new and improved previews is currently underway, with not all songs yet sporting the full 90 seconds, though we suspect that’s more of a technical thing than Apple only providing longer previews for certain tracks.

Those tracks that have been upgraded now offer previews that are three times longer than the previous 30 seconds…

Apple first made the switch in the United States, after much wrangling with those in charge of the record labels.

There’s been no word yet from Apple on how long the switchover to the new previews will take, but in a few quick tests of the UK store we’ve found that more often than not, the change-over has already taken place.

We’d love to hear whether your particular iTunes Store has had its switch flicked — are you seeing the new, 90 second song previews, and are all tracks included?

Answers on a postcard, or alternatively, use the comments below!