T-Mobile Disses the iPad 2 by Calling the G-Slate Faster

T-Mobile USA has declared an all-out war on the iPad 2, claiming that the “G-Slate” tablet is both faster and cheaper.

In a new tablet comparison page on the company’s website, T-Mobile pits the hugely popular iPad 2 against the Android-powered Motorola Xoom, listing specifications and costs for both tablets. Unsurprisingly, the only tablet of the three that T-Mobile has on its network comes out on top, with the G-Slate receiving the most praise…

“The Android-powered T-Mobile G-Slate with Google is more than two times faster than the Apple iPad 2 on AT&T and Verizon, and three times faster than the Motorola Xoom on Verizon—and it’s less expensive, too.”

While it has to be agreed that the G-Slate is indeed the cheaper of the three, we find ourselves taking umbrage with T-Mobile’s claims that its own horse in this race is actually the fastest.

Granted, T-Mobile is obviously talking about its network speeds here, rather than the speed of the actual hardware, but even then we’re still not convinced. T-Mobile is currently marketing its HSPA+ network as 4G, something we just can’t quite get behind.

When BGR got in touch with T-Mobile to clear things up, the site was told that the tablet speed tests were carried out by an independent entity over a selection of locations.

“An independent third party conducted testing to compare T-Mobile’s G-Slate, AT&T’s iPad 2 and Verizon Wireless’ Motorola XOOM,” a T-Mobile spokesperson told BGR in an email. ”The testing was conducted in two cities – New York and Seattle – across 30 locations and at least five repetitions with each device per location per market. The total sample size was 300 tests encompassing at least 70 percent of a market.”

Admittedly, T-Mobile’s network may be nice and speedy, but we think we’d rather take the iPad’s interface and apps over Android’s offering any day of the week.

We suspect T-Mobile would, too.