Create Flipbooks From Your iPhone With Only a Few Taps

We all remember flipbooks, right? – A collection of cards, each with an image that, when in sequence, creates a short animation when the cards were flicked through.

Flipbooks were all the rage when I was growing up, and I spent more time than anyone really should trying to create my own (especially considering my drawing skills are, well, let’s just say… poor).

Flipbooks are being brought into the the 21st century, and what better tool to use than an iPhone?

Flickbooks is a new app, available now, that promises to take your very own iPhone-recorded videos and turn them into good old fashioned flipbooks…

The idea is a simple one. Just download the free Flickbooks app and shoot your video. (Anything between 5 and 15 seconds long is fine.) The video is then submitted to the Flickbooks servers, and you receive your new flipbook in the post.


“With the new Flickbooks app, submitting videos has never been easier, allowing users to quickly and simply create a personalized flipbook that makes the perfect gift for family and friends. Send someone a message of love, have fun with friends and family, or store favorite memories in a wonderfully unique and inspired way.

The Flickbooks app allows users to record a 5 to 15-second video on their iPhone, and edit it to create the perfect sequence. They can design their own cover within the application, and add a personal message, title or greeting using the fast, intuitive and simple user interface.

The completed video is then submitted to Flickbooks – through Wi-Fi or 3G, though ideally using Wi-Fi for increased upload speed – where it’s professionally printed and delivered worldwide by mail.”

Based in Switzerland, all manufacturing prices are in Euros, but at € 9.90 plus € 3 P&P + € 1 postage per additional copy, we don’t think they’re too expensive.

Flickbooks is free, and available to download from the Apple App Store.

Have you received your Flickbooks book yet? We’d love to hear from you if you have – let us know below!