Drunk Texting, There’s an App for Preventing That

I wanted to start this post by telling a drunk texting story of mine but I figured this might not be the right place for that. If like me you have experienced drunk texting before, you now how embarrassing the situation can be.

Now if you’re a frequent drunk texter, you might either want to talk about it to a professional care provider or check out the TUI Checkpoint app in Cydia, a new jailbreak app that will help you prevent those embarrassing moments…

After installing the application from Cydia, you will be able to use it to lock access to your text messages. To unlock messages you have to run TUI Checkpoint and unlock it. To successfully unlock the Messages app, you need to pass three drunk tests which tests your reflex and your psyc state. If you fail any of the three tests 3 times, you can have the test again after an hour.

Selling for $1.99 in Cydia, this app will definitely not be for everybody, but if you’re one of those prone to drunk texting, it might be the best two bucks you’ll ever spend.

So, who here needs this app?