JailbreakQA is an Online Resource for Your Jailbreak Questions

Even if you consider yourself a “jailbreak expert,” you probably still have questions from time to time. And there’s no better way to learn than to ask questions to people that know more than you.

Two people that know more about jailbreaking than most of us are chpwn and comex. They’re both hackers and develepors that have been heavily involved in the jailbreak community for a long time.

Chpwn and comex have a iOS jailbreak resource site called JailbreakQA. It’s a crowd-sourced Q&A tool that lends itself towards jailbreak novices and experts…

“This is a Stack Overflow clone (you know what that is, right?) dedicated to iOS jailbreaking. The idea is that it should be like the Dev-Team Blog‘s comment section, but better organized and able to handle a greater variety of questions.

Feel free to ask or answer questions here; comex, chpwn, and a few other people will be here initially to provide answers, and anyone else is welcome to contribute.”

JailbreakQA operates off user-submitted questions that are then answered by fellow site goers (and sometimes chpwn or comex). Topics can be voted on Digg-style and users develop “karma” as they become more involved with the site.

If you’re interested in JailbreakQA, sign up for a free account and start asking questions! You can also browse other topics and check out the sites helpful FAQ about jailbreaking.

While we like JailbreakQA, make sure that iDB stays your number one place for jailbreak info. Check out our iPhone downloads and forum page for jailbreak knowledge.

What do you think of JailbreakQA? Pretty cool idea, huh?