Phil Schiller Says No iPad 2 Keyboard Dock in the Works

If you were one of the people lucky enough to grab an iPad 2 while they were still available, you might be looking for an alternative to the iPad’s built in soft keyboard. With the original iPad, Apple released a keyboard dock that would connect an Apple keyboard to your iPad and charge it at the same time.

If you are searching for a similar accessory from Apple for the iPad 2, keep looking. 9to5mac is reporting that one of their readers emailed Apple Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller on this very topic.

From what I’ve heard, the Apple keyboard dock is not made for the iPad 2. Is there an ipad 2 version that I can’t find on your online store – or is it coming soon?

It seems Schiller’s reply to the email doesn’t necessarily answer the question, but definitely gives you the idea that Apple will not be making an iPad 2 keyboard dock.

People prefer to use the iPad’s built in soft keyboard most all of the time, it works very well. Those that do choose to use an external keyboard most often choose to use Apple’s bluetooth wireless keyboard for the convenience it provides.

It’s not surprising that Schiller is indirect with his response. But 3 weeks after the iPad 2 launch and no announcement, the answer is no. So it looks we’ll just have to buy Smart Covers to use as stands and Apple bluetooth keyboards for our external input.

Good news though, for those of you who already owned an original iPad keyboard dock, 9to5mac is claiming it works with the iPad 2.

What do you use for an external keyboard for your iPad or iPad 2? Tell us below!