Apple Adjusting iPad 2 Inventory Shipping Strategy?

Analysts are predicting that Apple sold close to a million next-gen iPads during launch weekend. They are so backed up, online orders are showing shipping dates 5 weeks out.

Apple Insider is reporting that the iPad 2 shipments that some stores got this past Tuesday actually arrived Monday. Their source, who claims to be familiar with Apple’s retail operations, states that the change is a direct result of previous device launch issues.

Apple’s previous strategy has been to get the products from truck to shelf as soon as possible. But apparently it led to inventory inaccuracies and other problems at Apple retail locations. The new 24 hour delay is to give retailers ample time to check the iPad 2 shipments in, calmly and properly.

To the majority of us, an extra 24 hours may not seem like a big deal. But to the faithful that are still lining up at Apple stores every time there’s word of an iPad 2 shipment, it can be a lifetime.

Has anyone been able to snag an iPad 2 since launch weekend? Tell us below!