Want to Use Your iPad 2 With T-Mobile?

Go ahead! Just like its predecessor, the iPad 2 is sold unlocked in the united states. The news was confirmed this past weekend by MuscleNerd, a well known figure in the jailbreak community. What does this mean?

It means you can take your AT&T iPad 2, and activate it through T-Mobile. Since both companies use the same GSM technology, it can be pretty simple. You would just need a compatible Micro-SIM card from T-Mobile, and of course you’d have to snag a data plan.

“Cody, would the Verizon iPad 2 work on Sprint’s network?” Probably not. The GSM technology we discussed earlier uses those SIM cards to authenticate devices on their network. CDMA technology, which Verizon and Sprint both use, uses a much more embedded and complex method of authentication. Layman’s terms? It’s not as easy as swapping SIM cards.

Is anyone using an unlocked iPad 2 on T-Mobile or another carrier? Tell us below!