The iPhone 4 Antenna and Ping Make CNN’s List of Biggest 2010 Tech Fails

CNN just published a list of the 10 biggest tech fails of 2010. At the top of the list, somewhat of a surprise, is the iPhone 4 antenna, also known as the antennagate, which we widely covered a few months ago.

I guess the fail in this case is not the antenna problem itself, but rather the way Apple handled the whole situation by pretty much saying there was no issue, then saying there was an issue that would be fixed with a software update, then saying there was actually no issue, but since there was no issue, they were going to give free cases to everyone. Confused?

Today, antennagate is a thing of the past. Not that the problem has been fixed, but the bad press just died out. Grab your iPhone 4, wrap your hands around it and watch the bars disappear.

The funny part is, when I was in France last month, using my iPhone 4 on a French carrier, I was not able to replicate the “death grip”. Back in the US on AT&T, I was again able to replicate the death grip. Seems to be the problem comes from the carrier and not from the device, but that’s another story.

At the bottom of CNN’s 2010 tech fails is Ping. You know Ping, right? It’s Apple’s failed attempt at what they call “social media”. I’d rather call it “social selling” but that doesn’t sound as sexy.

Ping is indeed a major fail for Apple, but does the company really care? Probably not.

Do you agree that the iPhone 4 antenna should be at the top of the list? What about Ping? Does it deserve a spot on this list?