Bring the Awesome Look of TRON to Your iPhone

The recent movie release of “TRON: Legacy” has lots of geeks salivating over the amazing universe  of “The Grid.” I went and saw the movie this past weekend, and I was blown away by the special effects used to create the world of the film.

Luckily, I’ve found some nice TRON iPhone wallpapers and an awesome theme for jailbreakers. After using these wallpapers and theme, your iPhone will look like it was designed by Kevin Flynn himself…

The Wallpapers: posted a few TRON-inspired wallpapers, and I thought they were great.

Download four TRON: Legacy wallpapers for free here. The two above are included, along with two icon-placeholder wallpapers.

The Theme:

The “TRON for iPhone 4” theme contains all default and some third-party icons. The download also contains a PSD template for making more icons with the theme. Keep an eye on the theme’s MacThemes thread for more icons and updates.

Unfortunately, this is not a WinterBoard theme, so you will have to install it manually with something like iPhone Explorer. It is, however, the best TRON theme I’ve found. The design is fantastic.

So, there you go. Now you can bring the world of TRON: Legacy to your iPhone!

What do you think? Do you like the wallpapers and theme?