Epic Cheese Dock for iPhone

Say what? An iPhone dock made of cheese? Yes sir, you read that right. This is without a doubt the weirdest most original iPhone accessory I’ve ever seen, even though it’s a little cheesy (haha, excuse me but I couldn’t help it).

It is the second year that Ally Fontaine, the brilliant mind behind this cheese dock for iPhone, comes up with this accessory for Christmas. She explains…

“Several of our friends asked if I my iPhone cheese dock would be back this year,” Ally told the iPhone Savior. “I wasn’t about to let them down, especially since my husband and I bought the iPhone 4. My cheese doc has become a thing of legend around my house.”

The iPhone connector sits flush on the block of pepper jack cheese after Ally carved out a path for the cable behind her high tech appetizer. For some extra cheesy flair, Santa’s Little Helpers app (now extinct in the App Store), cycles through a slide show of scantily clad ladies sporting festive holiday attire. Making this fantastical creation a delicious thing of beauty.

I think it’s pretty funny but some of you might disagree with me. What do you think? Did she go too far?

[iPhone Savior]