Ben the Bodyguard Will Protect Your iPhone’s Secrets, Coming Next January

“A Frenchman protecting your secrets. Yes, seriously.” Ben the Bodyguard is a mysterious password manager and vault for the sensitive data on your iPhone. The app is scheduled to release in January of 2011.

What stood out to me about this app was how awesome its website is. As you scroll down from the masthead at the top of the page, you begin to take a journey with Ben the Bodyguard through the deserted streets of a dark downtown…

As you walk (or scroll) down the street with Ben, he tells you  how he can protect your information by remarking on the circumstances surrounding him on the street.

This app’s website is an example of a great way to raise interest around your product. The site is well designed, immersive, fun, and it tells a great story. It takes you through an enjoyable web experience that does its job; it makes you wonder how good the app will be.

There is no information currently available about what the actual interface of the app will look or work like, which is a bold choice on the developer’s part. That inclines me to believe that Ben the Bodyguard could be a stellar app.

While an awesome website with clever wit doesn’t necessarily promise a good app, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ben the Bodyguard is a sensation when it comes out on the App Store next month.

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What do you think? Sound promising?