Awesome Etch A Sketch iPhone Case

We’d already seen the Etch A Sketch iPad case, and thanks to the beauty of licensing, we now have this awesome Etch A Sketch iPhone case. Looking at this case, I immediately go 25 years back in time, when I was just a kid who obviously didn’t need much to entertain himself.

Time have changed a lot since then. I’m really glad my generation has been a witness of these changes. Oh listen to me becoming all sappy!

But the Etch A Sketch® iPhone case is more than just cool! It is specially designed to protect your iPhone. Made of impact resistant plastic, the Etch A Sketch® iPhone case is durable and strong. Strategically placed windows throughout the Etch A Sketch® iPhone case allow for easy use of all your iPhone switches, ports, and buttons. Available for the 3G, 3GS, and iPhone4.

For $25, this case can be yours today. Is that something you’d put on your iPhone?

[iPhone Savior]