Doodle Fit for iPhone App Review

Doodle Fit was created by Gamelion Studios and is currently one of the top rated, selling and performing puzzle games in the App Store. The objective is really simple. You are presented with a large outlined shape and must fit smaller Tetris-esque blocks to match that given shape.

The game begins very easily to help you get the hang of the concept. You will begin with easy shapes such as Squares and Triangles, but as you progress in the game it will become increasingly difficult…

They are not restricted to geometric shapes and presents new forms such as insects, cars, buildings, letters, and over 100 different shapes divided into 4 different level sets.

There is a timer but it does not have a time limit for the puzzles. I think this feature was added for Puzzle Fanatics because you can go back and retry puzzles to try to beat your old scores. Brilliant to say the least, it really adds to the game’s replayability.

One great thing about the game is that it gives you a hint option. This will come in quite handy in the later stages of the game. However use these hints wisely as they will not be available if you use them up. I don’t really like that because I’m stuck on one level and I have no hints left! Does anybody know how I can get them back?

Controls are simple by just pointing to the shapes and dragging them. And the graphics of this game is really adorable with its chalkboard graphics and hand drawn look. The music is not bad at all, very reminiscent of Tetris from 20 or so years ago and oddly enough very uplifting, despite it being MIDI.

This game is really addicting and very fun for the casual pick up and play kind of person. One tip, DO NOT show your puzzle loving girlfriends (or boyfriends) because if they don’t have an iPhone they will be definitely using yours!

This game is originally $.99 but currently for free! So get it while it’s hot!

Good Points:

  • Addictive
  • Many puzzles
  • Great design and sound

Bad Points:

  • More Hints Please!!