Debunking the Verizon iPhone LTE Insane Rumors

Over the weekend, a website claiming that sources “we believe to be familiar with the matter” has made some pretty ballsy claims about the Verizon iPhone. Looking at the information shared by this website, it makes no doubt to me that they were just link baiting, you know, like making up stuff to get people to talk about them.

I didn’t want to talk about it at first, but seeing how many people actually believe this, I had to raise my voice and tell what I really think about all this. Hint: this is all bs…

Verizon held management training for iPhone sales last week

What management? Store managers? Apple’s own Apple Store managers are not aware of new devices as they come out, I really doubt Apple would let Verizon’s managers know about the products weeks before it’s supposed to be released.

Verizon had functioning iPhones (LTE-capable) in management hands for the training sessions

Same as above. No Apple Store or AT&T managers get to play with devices in advance. Why would Verizon be allowed to? Makes no sense.

The formal announcement of the iPhones Verizon debut is coming right after Christmas; “Apparently ATT’s final demand so as to maximize ATT’s Christmas iPhone sales”

The end of an exclusive agreement is not similar to death row. You don’t get to have a “final demand”. Besides, Apple couldn’t care less about AT&T. If they wanted to give Verizon the iPhone for Christmas, they would. That would allow Apple to potentially sell more devices.

The Verizon iPhone will be immediately available upon formal announcement

That never happened before so I don’t see why it would happen now. Additionally, this makes no sense. You want to announce a new device in advance so you make sure to have all the press coverage needed for a successful product launch. Launching a product immediately after the announcement won’t get Verizon all the coverage (free advertising) it would want to get. That’s marketing 101.

Verizon agreed to take 100% responsibility for security, so all the devices will be in their hands until the official announcement date, and they will then distribute thru channels in massive manner (hence early stockpiling)

Right! So you’re telling me Apple doesn’t have one of these supposed Verizon iPhone in stock? You believe this if you want to, but I don’t.

The new iPhone is an LTE device and that fact – the only “LTE iPhone,” exclusive to Verizon – will be the main marketing theme; i.e. “For the new ‘4G’ (cough) verizon network” that Verizon has already started promoting

This has to be the most ridiculous claim of them all. Let me remind you that while 3G was a widespread technology back in 2007, Apple still decided to limit iPhones to the slower Edge. Why in hell would Apple bet big bucks on a technology that hasn’t made its grades yet? If anything, we won’t see an iPhone LTE until at least 2012.

iPhone 5 was planned to debut in summer as LTE-only, for all contracted carriers, but the clock is ticking and nobody thinks either Verizon or AT&T can get to critical mass to offer an LTE-only version

Seriously? Apple would play all its cards on LTE, something that no one has even tested yet? Apple would drop 3G from the iPhone? Come on people, a little common sense, please!

Steve Jobs is said to be upset that carriers cannot seem to get their LTE act together more quickly

Steve Jobs is a smart guy. I doubt he is upset that carriers aren’t rolling a brand new multi-billion dollar technology quick enough. Jobs knows it’s going to take some time to reach a critical mass.

That was me talking with passion (maybe too much?) about the Verizon iPhone. What do you think about all this?