The Fastest Way to View Cydia Updates

Many of you like to see new packages in Cydia as soon as they’re available. If you’re put off by the time it takes Cydia to load, then here’s an alternative method to view changes, updates, and newly posted apps.

To do this, you will need an RSS reader app, or at the very least a Google Reader account. I recommend using the free version of MobileRSS, but any will do. Once you have a way to view RSS feeds on your iPhone, add the feed listed below.

For quite some time, ModMyI has been publishing Cydia crawling RSS feeds with the latest packages available in the Cydia Store. They have feeds for every category and they catalog every app available.

I created a workflow in Yahoo! Pipes that grabs all new items in Cydia while filtering out Themes, Fonts, and Ringtones.

Note that when you subscribe, you will only view packages that have been published after you add the feed to your reader.

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