Why Yes, That IS an iPhone in My Underwear Pocket!

Need a place to put your iPhone while hanging out in your underwear? There’s a pair of boxers for that!

The Scottevest Travel Boxers have a built in pocket so that your iPhone has a snug place to stay warm and cuddle with you while you roam around the house near-commando style. Of course, the blogosphere has taken to making every kind of joke possible about them. Here are some highlights:

Gizmodo tagged it as #worstmodo and gave it the double entendre of the day: “Birth Control”.

A comment in the Gizmodo post also posted a picture of the Bump app, which is pretty hilarious when you start picturing bumpin’ boxers.

GearJunkie suggests buying the underwear instead of that necktie as the gift “for that brother-in-law you never know what to buy.” That may be good advice, after all!

InventorSpot tears into the clothing (figuratively, that is), asking why anyone would buy clothing that puts “a hard, rectangular phone swinging right around your most sensitive of sensitives.”

I think some people may genuinely be happy to purchase something like this (I think a lot of us probably enjoy hanging out in our underwear even if we won’t admit it), but I can’t get past the giggle-inducing animations on the purchase page, especially with the not-so-subtle tag line of “Keep It In Your Shorts!” As if we didn’t feel awkward enough viewing the item to begin with…

So that brings us to you, iDB readers. What do you think? Dismal idea, or a useful, if not chuckle-worthy, new addition to your wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!