Why Wouldn’t You Want a Laser Engraved iPhone Cutting Board?

“Multifunktional für Frühstück, Abendbrot oder einfach zwischendurch.” Yep. That pretty much sums up this kitchen appliance.

The “myBrett” is an iPhone-shaped, laser engraved cutting board by Thorsten Schwarz and Sebastian Orlac. These Deutsch lads obviously love the iPhone…

This 22 x 15 x 1 cm wooden iPhone will set you back 15€ (or about $21). You can order it online at the myBrett website. Unless you’re fluent in German, you may need to use Google Translate.

The myBrett website is very emphatic that the cutting board has a,”22 x 15 cm space for two half slices of brown bread plus average cucumber garnish (alternatively: 12 Pumpernickel).” So now you know exactly how many slices of Pumpernickel bread you will be able to fit on the myBrett. I don’t know, Pumpernickel must be a German thing. I would personally use a cutting board to cut meat, not bread.

Will you be buying this wonderful German invention?