App Review: Eat It!

Created by Dragon Team Interactive, Eat it! is an insanely simple game which features cute characters and equally matching charming music.

The concept is pretty straightforward and easy to pick up. You must feed lions or monkeys, the appropriate food they need. The lions will be eating meat and the monkeys will be eating fruit. That’s basically the game in a nutshell…

In the beginning, the pace is deliberately slow to help the user become accustomed to the game’s objective. The food gradually drops down and you must tap between to the two animals to make sure that they eat the right food.

As you progress, the speed and the number of animals you must feed increases. This becomes hectic in the later levels as an endless flow of fruit and meat flood down the screen, almost providing an oddly strange hypotonic effect… or maybe I was just concentrating too hard.

There is a bonus meter and as you keep feeding the right food to the right animal it slowly fills up. Once it fills up, you can shake your iPhone and get a bonus round! The bonus round is full of stars and moldy bread, so make sure you get rid of all the moldy bread or the bonus round ends.

There are a few things you should be careful of. Small obstacles such as poisons must be avoided and feeding the wrong fruit to the animal will result in you losing a life, and there are only three in this game.

The graphics are really cute and adorable, and the music is fun as well which seemed to be perfect for this type of genre.

For those who love simple games for short bursts of play then this is perfect for you. However, I did become terribly bored and really had no ambition to see how far I could go. I don’t want to offend any guys (or girls) who love this game, but I really think this genre fits better with female gamers or perhaps a younger crowd.

You can download Eat It! in the App Store for $0.99.