LimeRa1n vs GreenPois0n

In the battle of the jailbreak for iOS 4.1, we have 2 unique opponents: LimeRa1n vs GreenPois0n. LimeRa1n came first and kinda stole the show. GreenPois0n was released a few days later but was it already too late?

I am curious to see what you, iDB reader, used to jailbreak your iPhone. Did you wait for GreenPois0n or did you jump on the LimeRa1n bandwagon as soon as it got released. Please take a few seconds of your time to take this poll…

Personally, I’m waiting for PwnageTool to jailbreak my iPhone 4 while preserving the baseband.

As usual, if you have something to say, you can raise your voice in the comments section.