Aluminum Jacket for iPhone is Army Strong

If the Hummer was an iPhone case, it would probably be the Abee Aluminium Jacket for iPhone. This is definitely not going to cater to everybody’s needs but I’m sure there is a market for this case, maybe in the army?

Japanese company Abee came out with an aluminum case called the Type 01 that reminds us of the Vapor case, just a bit more rough looking…

This 3mm aluminum jacket comes equipped with a soft texture seat cushion that will absorb shocks and vibrations. The Type 01 is available in 6 different colors that will give to your iPhone 4 a badass look.

Do you like it or do you hate it? I wouldn’t put this around my iPhone but it sure has an interesting look. What do you think?

[Abee via Hype Beast via Remote Tenor]