Do You Want to Blog About the iPhone? I’m Looking for Writers

Please Read Everything Carefully

Within the last few months, iPhone Download Blog has become hugely popular. In fact, it’s so popular that I can’t keep up with all the news and admin tasks myself. Fortunately Ethan helps me out by posting some articles on a regular basis, but we want to step up our game a notch.

To do that, we need talented and knowledgeable people to come join us in our iPhone blogging adventures. Someone who is passionate about everything iPhone and who wants to share his views, opinions, rants and more about our favorite device. Will that be you?

I’ve tried many times to get some people on board to blog with me but to be honest it’s very hard to find dedicated people who want to write on a regular basis. Most people will write 3-4 blog posts and then give up. That’s not what I’m looking for. I’m looking for someone who’ll be willing to stick around for a while and produce content every day. It sure isn’t easy, but it’s very rewarding.

Topics that need attention:

If you think you can write about one or more of these topics, then I might want to talk to you.

  • News
  • Opinions
  • Rants
  • Jailbreak info, guides, tutorials, etc
  • Fun iPhone stuff
  • Jailbreak and App Store app reviews
  • Accessories reviews
  • Anything related to the iPhone you can think of

Ok, I’ve now found a few people that can take care of most topics. I still need a hardcore iPhone news reporter. Someone who’s refreshing his RSS reader frenetically every 2 minutes. Someone who reads more iPhone blogs than most human can even think of. I need someone fast and reactive. Someone who can report on every major iPhone news within minutes.

So, do you think you could be the guy I’m looking for? If so, keep on reading…

Requirements that have to be met:

  • English must be your native language or you must be fully fluent
  • You must be able to write perfect English
  • Obviously, you must know a lot about the iPhone
  • You must be 16 or older
  • You must know how to use WordPress
  • You must be willing to submit an article at least 5 times a week (the more the better)
  • You must be fun
  • Already being a blogger is not required but definitely is a plus

What’s in it for you?

By blogging here at iDB, chances are you’ll become incredibly popular and every woman/man will throw themselves to your feet. You will become so rich and famous that Steve Jobs himself will email you to ask you advice about what Apple should do next.

More seriously, blogging is fun and that’s how you should see it. I love sharing stuff with my readers, and so should you.

Additionally, if you can prove your dedication to the cause, you might even make money out of this hobby. You’re not going to get rich blogging about the iPhone but you might be able to make enough to finance your iPhone addiction, assuming you meet all the above requirements, and that you can prove yourself during a trial period.

How to apply

To apply, simply send me an email at seb AT iPhoneDownloadBlog dot com and tell me more about:

  • You – who are you, how old you are, where you live, what you do for a living, etc…
  • What topic you would be most likely to blog about
  • Take every single requirement listed above and tell me how they apply to you
  • Tell me how often you think you can blog, and how many hours per day would you be able to put aside for blogging
  • Why should I pick you?
  • List any writing experience you may have (link to blogs, etc…)
  • Send at least 2 articles you wrote about the iPhone in the last 2 days (if you haven’t written any, then get on it)
  • Anything else that you think might be relevant

How NOT to apply

Now that you know how to properly apply, let me tell you what you shouldn’t do.

  • Not following the above application method is an instant disqualifier.
  • While telling me you love iDB and that you read the blog every day is flattering, it won’t get you a special treatment
  • Overuse of smiley faces, LMAO, WTF, and other acronyms might disqualify you
  • Sending a poorly written email with no info is a no go

That’s about it. I’m being extremely picky because this blog is very important to me and iDB readers. I’ve got big plans for this site. If you have what it takes, you can be part of it. Good luck!