iPhone 5G to Come to Virgin Mobile in January

Forget those cheesy rumors about a Verizon iPhone! According to a person with proven knowledge of Apple’s future product plans, Apple will soon release a new version of its popular iPhone. According to our informant who’d rather remain anonymous, the new iPhone will be called iPhone 5G.

The iPhone 5G will be coming to Virgin Mobile just after the holidays. Sources familiar with the matter at Virgin Mobile confirmed that not only the iPhone 5G will be available on America’s smallest network, but it will also come in a white version, which I remind you still has to be made available for the iPhone 4…

Our tipster insured us that the iPhone 5G will come with 128GB of storage, a new screen boasting 27.8 more pixels, and a washer/drier (Pro version only).

We reached Apple PR department who declined to comment on this story ; clearly a sign we’re onto something.