Consumer Reports Say the iPhone 4 is Still Not Good Enough for Them

Back in July, Consumer Reports decided not to cite the iPhone 4 as a recommended product because of the antenna issue. Oddly enough, and despite being “not recommended”, the iPhone 4 still held the top ranking of the smartphones category.

This was probably the cherry on top for Apple who decided to throw a special event where they pretty much said there was absolutely no problem with the iPhone 4 antenna, and to prove there was no problem, they gave away free cases to every iPhone owner…

Now that Apple decided to stop their free case program (but mostly to get some free publicity), Consumer Reports note once again they still can’t recommend the iPhone 4…

Our tests found the Bumper successfully mitigates the iPhone 4’s reception issue, which was a weak point in the phone’s otherwise-stellar performance in our tests. And we agree with Apple that not all iPhone 4 owners will experience reception difficulties with the device.

But putting the onus on any owners of a product to obtain a remedy to a design flaw is not acceptable to us. We therefore continue not to recommend the iPhone 4, and to call on Apple to provide a permanent fix for the phone’s reception issues.

I thought we were done with the antennagate? Can we just find another thing to complain about? What do you think?