What Would a Non-Exclusive iPhone Cost?

As iDB covers the possibility of a Verizon iPhone, most everyone thinks having a choice of carriers would be good for the consumers. However it’s that very exclusivity that makes the awesome device more affordable than other smartphones in its class, says 9 to 5 Mac. They have a point.

AT&T’s position as sole carrier in the U.S. doesn’t come without a hefty price. By being lone wolf they have to fork over subsidies that make the iPhone cost just $200-$300. In fact the mobile provider pays out more in subsidies for the iPhone than any other phone they offer. Don’t feel too bad for them because in reality it has been AT&T’s personal cash cow.

So if and when the exclusivity runs dry on the Jesus Phone, who is going to eat the cost of subsidies that AT&T is currently paying? There are really only 2 choices here folks. Either Apple takes a cut in profits, or we, the consumers start paying more for our beloved phone.

Hopefully Apple would see the obvious earnings boost from adding a carrier and just keep it the way it is but with Apple you never know. Will the iPhone stay at the price it is today once AT&T’s exclusivity runs out? Give us your predictions in the exclusive comment section below.