iOS 4 Jailbreak Won’t Be Called Spirit

We’ve all been waiting for a while for the new jailbreak for iOS 4 and it sure seems we are on the right track. I know many of you are very anxious for the tool to be released but I’m not. I really want my jailbreak back too but I want it stable and bug free, which is why it hasn’t been released yet.

We’ve all been thinking the new jailbreak will just be an update to Spirit, and we all assumed the name of the tool would be Spirit 2 or something along these lines. Today a little bird tells me the new jailbreak for iOS 4 and iPhone 4 will not be called Spirit.

Now don’t ask me what it’s going to be because I don’t know. iPhone hacker iH8Sn0w joked that the new jailbreak would include “pie” in its name but this is not true.

Just for the fun of it, what do you think it should be called? Sn0wSt0rm? Blu3Thund3r? UltraDr1zzle?