Jailbreaking is Legal. Now What?

Woohoo, jailbreaking and unlocking your iPhone is now completely legal (in the US anyways)! This being said, what is the new rule going to change for us jailbreakers? Unfortunately nothing!

Yes, nothing is going to change. Even though jailbreaking is now legal, Apple is in no way obliged to make it easy for us to jailbreak. The good old cat and mouse game between Apple and the Dev Team lives on. Worse, things might even get more complicated.

The legalization of jailbreaking was a big deal yesterday. If you were anywhere near a computer or TV screen, you probably heard about it. So did many other people. This free advertising for jailbreaking might have people who were on the fence before take the dive and jailbreak their devices.

Apple certainly doesn’t want more people jailbreaking their iPhones because they are worried they might end up losing this tight grip they have on the App Store. As a result, I believe Apple will try to make things even harder for jailbreakers and make sure everyone knows although jailbreaking is legal, it will still void your warranty should you decide to give your iPhone a (jail)break.

What’s your take on it? Do you think Apple will keep playing the cat and mouse game? Or will they make it easier for us to jailbreak? Your opinion sure is as good as mine. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment.

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